Welcome to The Blackshot Fan Site

Welcome Blackshot Fans!

The Blackshot Fan Site is looking for :

  • Article Creators (4):

These guys will create articles such as the latest announcements, new released info, and opinions that they think, or even interview another Blackshot user.

  • Article Editors (2):

These guys will improve articles and correct information as nessesary to all articles.

  • Graphic Designers (2):

These guys will create graphics for the Fan Site. They will also be in charge of adding some graphics to each article to make them look better.

  • Research Members (2):

These guys will research on everything they can find and report it to an Article Creator(To make an article about it) or Article Editor (To correct information as nessesary). They will also put a tag on articles that are incorrect to the community knows that the information might be wrong.

  • Co-Leader (1):

To help me manage the site in general.

  • Staff Manager (1):

To help me manage other staff members and to keep them on task.

- I will be adding more staff positions as necessary.

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